Can Too Much Sun Damage Teeth?

added on: May 17, 2023

You hear it time and time again – from your doctor, the famous Mary Schmich, articles on the Internet, and yes, even from your dentist in Kennesaw – wear sunscreen. This advice applies to both kids and adults, and it’s especially appropriate during National Sunscreen Day, celebrated every year on May 27th. 

The Importance of Sun Protection

We know it may seem odd to be taking sun-protection advice from a dentist, but trust us, we have a point. But first, let’s get down to the basics. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 4.3 million people will be treated for two of the most common types of skin cancer – basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma – every year. These types of skin cancers, among others, are caused by too much exposure to UV (ultraviolet) light, such as those emitted by the sun and tanning beds. This makes the usage of sunscreen incredibly important, and not just for those soaking up the sun in tanning beds or laying out getting a tan. In fact, everyone is susceptible to skin cancer, including those who don’t purposely spend time in the sun. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends using SPF 15 daily, even for those who don’t spend a lot of time outside, to reduce the risk of melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma. 

How Does The Sun Affect Teeth? 

The truth is, the sun can be both beneficial and detrimental to teeth. First up are the benefits. 

Oral Health Benefits of The Sun

Regular exposure to the sun will help the body produce an essential vitamin called vitamin D. Vitamin D is a necessary part of maintaining good oral health. But at the same time, you’ll hear your dentist in Kennesaw put a lot of emphasis on getting enough calcium to support strong teeth and bones. While that’s true, the body also needs the help of vitamin D in order to properly absorb calcium. In this sense, regular sun exposure could be good for oral and overall health. Afterall, if we don’t get enough vitamin D, which may be called a vitamin D deficiency, our teeth will not be able to absorb enough calcium. This could increase the risk of cavities as well as gum disease.

Negative Oral Health Side Effects of Too Much Sun

We all know that the skin can burn quite easily if exposed to too much sun. This can also increase the risk of developing skin cancer later in life. However, oral health can also be affected by getting too much sun. When many people think of oral health, they immediately think of the teeth. And while it’s highly unlikely to get sunburn in the teeth, it’s still possible. But what’s more concerning, and way more likely, is getting a sunburn on the lips. This often-forgotten body part can actually be damaged by too much sun and can be the originating spot of skin cancer. When you apply sunscreen, don’t forget the lips. In fact, use a product designed to protect lips from harmful UV rays with at least an SPF 15. 

As we enter these warmer summer days, we encourage you to get outside. But make sure to use sun protection on all parts of your body, including the lips. And as always, don’t let summer nights take away from a good oral hygiene routine. It’s still important to brush and floss every day and see your dentist in Kennesaw twice a year. Call us today to schedule an appointment

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